Bates Integrations

Audio that packs a punch with its branding

The Challenge

Bates Integrations approached my agency as a bootstrapped startup in need of making a splash in a very competitive landscape. The company was a spin-off of a larger company with aspirations of providing very technical and custom solutions to customers in need of audio/visual services. The brand needed target a burgeoning millennial generation that was seeking more than just run-of-the-mill A/V expertise. Full scale solutions had to be provided and the emphasis was on quality craftsmanship. Modern, fun and youthful had to be the end result.

The  Execution

With a nod to all things digital, mobile and wireless, I went with a brand mark that would be relatable to the company's primary audience. Bright colors, compact and simple design and youthful supporting imagery helped catapult this brand from a one man startup, to a flourishing business with rich solutions for concert venues, churches, and touch and go setups alike. The client was stoked with the result and it's no surprise why.

Matt Cole branding design




When in doubt, iterate

Brand design is a process. It's more than just a single good idea; it's multiple ideas – some good, some not-so-good – that ultimately evolve into something that embodies the client's vision for their brand and the ability of the designer to capture it visually. Here's a look at some ideas that didn't make the cut.