A front-end UI framework with all sorts of behind the scenes SAAS goodies

The Challenge

Scotsco exists to make sure that Outdoor Power Equipment Dealers and OEMs get the best quality range of products, delivered with a high standard of integrity, while being expertly supported by top-notch customer care, right when they need it. With nearly a 10 year span since its last web design overhaul, everything would need to be rethought and built from scratch. Scotsco also had some unique requirements to connect their customers to an extensive back end order system. New design, UI and database work all meant that this wouldn't be just another marketing site.

The  Execution

Extensive discovery, content mapping and matching up database requirements were the necessary first step. Developing a great user-flow, complimenting the company's existing branding with a modern feel and custom photography all made their way into the creative fold. Then, extensive testing was performed to ensure that users would have a seamless transition to the front end of the site into various manufacturers parts and equipment catalogs and online ordering system. The result was what you see here.

Starting from scratch

Anytime you're facing a website overhaul for the first time in ten years, there isn't much you can salvage. It's a fun challenge where you roll up your sleeves, ask a lot of questions and provide an all new approach across the board. Scotsco's website would need to be rebuilt from the ground up. No problem. The contrast between old and new is often the best part.


Scotsco wants to be your distributor 

What matters most to Scotsco is that their customers know they are committed to the highest quality service; and their web presence needed to reflect that. Knock-your-socks-off design as usual wouldn't cut it – aesthetic had to compliment the spirit of service and a broad market appeal. "Scotsco wants to be your distributor" wasn't just some pithy mantra, it reflects the company's MO. Content was planned with the intent on highlighting this focus to a brand that truly wants to be its best in a unique and competitive marketplace.