A mechanical engineering firm gets a brand reboot

The Challenge

Vemco was a mechanical engineering firm specializing in large-scale HVAC solutions for some of the Pacific Northwest's biggest indoor facilities. A change in ownership led the company to pursue a fresh, new look that would take it's brand appeal into the 21st Century. The challenge was to deliver a new visual brand that would embody the company's roots in engineer and industrial customer base. It also had to herald a Pacific Northwest vibe to showcase its local focus. And, it had to be totally custom – no cookie cutter type or marks would satisfy a firm whom itself did not take a cookie cutter approach.

The  Execution

The result was something that couldn't have been more fitting. Geometric shapes and angles were used to admonish the linear spirit of the engineering mindset and culture. The look was minimalist with subtle touches to make it stand out. Logotype was given custom treatments to set it apart from any other brand; and the use of green as a primary color and imagery capturing Northwestern beauty was used to give it the local vibe Vemco was seeking. In early 2015, the company was acquired by its larger competitor making the rebrand and its visual appeal attractive to a larger market.


Handcrafted design

A lot of times design will begin with digital sketches. Since an emphasis for this visual brand was placed on geometry, I dug out the protractor and went to work in sketching out the mark. Designed to precision made these engineers' eyes light up!